Flexology™ Founder

Stefanie Crockett

As a health and fitness professional since 2007, my focus has been on self-improvement to better serve clients in achieving their fitness goals. 

My background in Athletic Training and Physical Therapy enables me to strike a balance between pushing individuals to reach their potential while also preventing overuse and injury. 

Since receiving a Stage 3 cancer diagnosis in 2014, I have come to appreciate the significance of wholesome nutrition in maintaining peak immune system function as well as supporting my clients’ fitness objectives through targeted nourishment.

At Flexology™ Strength and Fitness Club, our mission is to empower individuals to achieve optimal health and fitness goals through personalized, science-based solutions that promote a holistic well being. Our expert guidance, first-class programs, and supportive community foster a culture of motivation and empowerment for a healthy lifestyle.


Learn the kettlebell swing from RKC certified coach Stefanie Crockett.